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Service Upgrades

  • Complete Replacement
  • Increased Amperage
  • Meter or Panel Relocation

Lighting Upgrades

  • Lower Energy
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Safety

Remodeling & Additions

  • Total System Installation
  • Design & Detail
  • Energy Efficiency

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We Also Handle

  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Permit Filing
  • White Box & Tenant Improvement
  • Energy Efficient Solutions
  • Heat Exchange
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Data Lines & Antennas
  • Retrofitting



  • How do I know the size of electrical service system I need for my property?

    Your electrical service system size is calculated based on power consumption and will vary depending on your current property or plans to expand in the future.

  • My breaker panel is hot- what should I do?

    Immediately call a commercial electrician. This is a sign that your breaker panel is overloaded and could start a fire.

  • Do I need to rewire my property?

    You may need to rewire your property if you are located in an older building. Older buildings tend to have “knob and tube” wiring and will need an entire rewire. If you also are planning on expanding or adding new appliances and fixtures you will need to think about the load running through your system and will most likely need an upgrade.

  • When do I need to call an electrician?

    Dealing with electricity can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal without proper guidance and training. If you have been having or suspect issues with your electrical systems, can us right away so we can properly assess the issue(s) and provide you with the best possible solution.

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